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Building healthy ventures on strong foundations

Scaling your venture is about people and process

We've worked with scaling ventures across a wide array of industries and have to come to find all businesses experience the same growing pains. Ventures are constantly evolving in order to serve their customers better and provide greater value, and in turn, the needs of the venture grow. While we're growing however, we build systems based on today, with no regard for tomorrow (because we don't know what we don't know). 

It's like building a house. When we're just getting started that one bedroom one bath is perfect. But as our family grows and circumstances change we start making additions, based on our needs and resources at that time. We use different contractors and tools to build different rooms and suit different budgets, and sometimes, we end up with a bunch of leaks, uneven floors, some cold areas, and a risky mess of electrical.


Liftoff Labs facilitates the process of shoring up foundation and building your forever home, where your entire family can feel comfortable, safe, inspired and have room to grow.

What we value

Community isn't just where you live, it's who you do your living with. At Liftoff Labs, we make decisions with the impact to our communities at the forefront. Our global communities, our local communities, our work communities, and our personal (family and friends) communities.

Sustainability is also central to what we do at Liftoff Labs. Not just ecological sustainability, but financial sustainability, professional sustainability, mental sustainability and of course, business sustainability.

If you're still reading and not rolling your eyes, its sounds like we're well aligned and we should have a discussion. Keep scrolling to learn what else fuels our rocket ship.

Clarity > Comfort

We value clear communication and expectation management. Sometimes working through the hard conversations is where we add the most value and find the most room for improvement. We lean into the messy bits.

Org Health > Org Strength

You can't get the heartbeat of your venture from an income statement. Strong numbers will not sustain with an overworked and unhappy team. If you take care of your people, your people will take care of your business.

Torque > Horsepower 

Sure speed is great, but how will your venture preform when things get sticky, there's barriers in the road, or the wheels start spinning? It's the teams' ability to get unstuck and tow the heavy loads that matters. 

Experience > Value

It's 2022 and virtually anything we can imagine we can build. Your customers are bombarded with options so there is no excuse for subjecting them to bad experiences. In fact, your competitors are banking on you maintaining the status quo. 

Systems > Tools

You don't need software, you need a system. The software doesn't matter as much as you think it does, the solution matters. There is more risk to holding on to safety blankets everyone hates (CRMs and ERPs) than trying to improve. 

Empowerment > Control

Scaling is a team sport! Your business was built on opportunity, tenacity, risk and thoughtfulness, and it requires those same things of your entire team to sustain and grow. Empower your team to constantly 'figure it out'. 

We are integrators, as a service

"Did you know it takes two types of leaders at the helm of a 10-250 person entrepreneurial organization to have the “Rocket Fuel” it needs to hit the next level? They’re known as the Visionary and the Integrator.


As a Visionary entrepreneur, your passion, drive and creativity are the key elements that helped launch your business and fuel your company’s growth. But now… your company is growing and you’re swamped with an overwhelming workload, your engine is sputtering, stalling and your momentum stagnating. Every great Visionary hits this threshold.


Enter the Integrator. You need someone detail-oriented, who knows how to keep the team harmonious and productive, is great at resolving conflict, and can execute detailed plans for maximum results.


That will give YOU the freedom to focus on what you were built to do-- blast off and catapult your company to its full potential."

from EOS Worldwide

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